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Rapaport is reporting that the Lucara Diamond Corporation has very recently uncovered a number of very large diamonds at their Karowe Mine in Botswana.  The largest is apparently the 336 carat irregularly shaped diamond pictured below.  Also, uncovered over the weekend of August 18th were diamonds weighing 184 carats, 94 carats and 86 carats as well as a 12 carat diamond that appears to have a pale pink color.

The Lucara Diamond Corporation is a relative newcomer to the diamond industry, tracing its origins to an oil and gas company in Colorado in the early 1980s that merged several times with other companies and reorganized in British Columbia in the early 2000s. It then acquired several diamond mining properties in southern Africa.

The Karowe Mine is the most promising and productive thus far. Rapaport reports that, “since the recovery of the first large diamond from Karowe in 2013, Lucara has found 216 other diamonds that have sold for more than $250,000 each; 12 of them for above $5 million each.”